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Authorized Advisory and Stock Exchange Consulting

We have been an Authorized Adviser to the NewConnect market since 2007, entered in the list as one of the first fifteen entities in Poland. The Authorized Adviser’s role in the process of a Company going public on the NewConnect market and supporting the issuer after its debut are very important. According to the Alternative Trading System Rules –  cooperation  with Authorized Advisor is mandatory for time period of three years from debut.

The main role of Authorized Advisor is to support the issuer before the debut and during the listings. Before the debut Authorized Advisor is in charge of verification and approval of information documents in terms of compliance with NewConnect requirements. During the first three years after debut, Authorized Advisor supports issuer in terms of fulfillment of information requirements and operating on the alternative trading system.

As an Authorized Adviser we assist Companies enter the Alternative Trading System of the NewConnect market. We focus on preparing an information document, providing advice on conducting private placement, providing consulting services related to applying to be introduced into trading and the first quotation of financial instruments in the Alternative Trading System, as well as providing Authorized Adviser services in accordance with ATS Rules and Regulations.

In the course of our operations, we have managed to gain valuable experience in this regard.

We divide our tasks into three stages:

  1. Preparing an entity from the formal and legal perspective, assessing its ability to make a debut and the expectations that will be set by the market.
  2. Preparing and implementing a proposal, in particular making a legal analysis and preparing an information document.
  3. Providing advice during the first year of its debut on the stock exchange with regard to meeting the reporting obligations and implementing the investment plans specified in the information documentation.

NewConnect is a stock market, organized as alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is organized financial market for companies with high growth potential. NewConnect is also a new proposal of the WSE for investors willing to accept higher risk in return for higher yields. NewConnect was established for dynamic and innovative companies with high growth potential. Debut on the alternative trading market would enable such companies to raise capital and create an opportunity to explore potential of their innovativeness. As a result issuers receive an opportunity for development and promotion to become among the group of large, leading and valuable polish enterprises.

Our services within IPO include not only preparation of the prospectus and the proceedings before the Financial Supervision Commission, but also consulting on the transformation of financial statements according to the IFRS terms, preparation of templates for financial data presentation in the prospectus, preparation of historical financial information and forecasts.

UHY ECA is Warsaw Stock Exchange IPO Partner.


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