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The safety and financial stability of business entities form the basis of a modern economy. The audit of financial statements provides information about the correctness of the financial statements, an assessment of the accounting system and internal controls. This is also valuable information about the company’s position and an indication of opportunities for improvement, as well as solving accounting problems on a current basis.

We offer a wide range of audit and financial review services, including, in particular:

We conduct audits and reviews of financial statements in accordance with:

  • Polish Accounting Standards (PSR)
  • International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS)
  • German Accounting Law (HGB)


We audit and prepare consolidation packages.

We restate financial statements in accordance with:

  • International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS)
  • German Accounting Law (HGB)


We offer advice on designing and implementing accounting policies.

We offer financial advice on preparing prospectuses, including:

  • training workshops on prospectus and IAS/IFRS requirements
  • restating financial statements in accordance with IFRS requirements
  • preparing templates for presenting financial data in a prospectus
  • preparing historical financial information for a prospectus
  • preparing pro-forma information, preparing forecasts
  • auditing separate and consolidated financial statements
  • auditing the historical financial information presented in a prospectus
  • auditing pro-forma information
  • auditing forecasts and estimates
  • participating in proceedings before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF)


We conduct investigation audits.

We also provide the following services:

  • investment consulting (mergers, acquisitions)
  • valuation and restructuring of enterprises
  • Due Diligence analyses
  • auditing financial information of political parties on subventions received and on expenditure incurred out of the subventions
  • auditing election reports
  • audits of EU projects and programmes
  • on-call accounting advice


In order to fully tailor our audit services to the specific nature of our Clients’ operations and their needs, our audit services focus on the following specializations: